The Importance Of Watching What You Trade

I have said many times on the forum and the newsletters that you can do as much research as you want but once those players go on the pitch anything can happen.

We had a good example of this with the match between Chelsea and Spurs on Saturday lunchtime. From doing research this was a nailed on System A trade but you saw as soon as the match kicked off that neither team was really going for it.

I often advise that if you are watching the match then you should keep your entry point flexible. I wait for matches to warm up before I enter and wait for at least the first shot on target.

I believe the first shot on target didn’t come till 45 minutes in when Van Der Vaart really should have scored and by that point I had already decided it wasn’t a match worth trading and I hope those others watching shared the same view.

Put it this way, if no one is even having a shot then there cant be any goals and with System A you should often wait until the first shot on target before entering as then you will get much better odds.

Doing pre-match research is important  but it can only really tell you so much. The performance of the players on the day is probably more important then anything and should be taken into consideration also when you are trading in-play.

Busy week ahead with the Quarter finals of the champions league so I have to get back to work with my research! Stay lucky!