Why Join Us?


Still looking for a PROFITABLE football trading service? Or perhaps you are new to Betfair trading and want to learn the ropes?

The Football Trading Academy could be just what you need!

There is no doubt it, we are now living in a tough economical climate. The days when you could rely on keeping one job for life are over and now more people then ever before are making a decent second income using purely their laptop and an Internet connection.

One such method is Football Trading using the betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq. This is a much more viable trading opportunity since you don’t need a huge bank to make a decent amount of money every month like you do with  Forex and Day Trading.

The Football Trading Academy is here to help those who want to develop their football trading and other forms of sports investing to a profitable point. If you only want to do football trading as a hobby for some spare cash or if you see a full time career ahead then the skills and knowledge you will learn by being a member of the Football Trading Academy are virtually priceless!!

So Just What Is The Football Trading Academy?

 As a member of FTA you will gain access to our systems and qualifying trades every day along with a whole heap of other things to help you become a better, more profitable trader and Sports Investor.

 So, it’s important to understand that The Football Trading Academy isn’t just a daily trading tips service, its much MORE then that.

 There is simply no other service like this that will supply you with profitable trading advice alongside strong focus on developing your skills and understanding of the markets too. Spending a few months with us, reading our newsletters, and trying out different trading methods will leave you in good stead for the future and with the skills that will allow you to trade sports such as Football and make a profitable extra bit of cash along the way.

 If you love football already, then there is simply no better way of spending your time!

Is This Service Profitable?

 Well, we could be like many others in this industry and insult your intelligence by telling you that by signing up we will “turn you into a millionaire overnight” or that within a few weeks you could “quit your day job and go full time” but we wont be saying that!

We are fully confident that we don’t have to make silly claims to get people to sign up as the quality of the service that is being provided simply speaks for itself. Our core systems and the selections will easily make you more then enough money to cover the subscription cost and from there we can build on that and add more strategies to your portfolio.

 What Is Your Trading Secret?

 Again, We could insult your intelligence and tell you that “We have created the holy grail of Betfair Trading” or how one of our staff was “a college drop out who stumbled across a massive secret loophole which could make you £1000 per day” but we wont be saying that either.

In fact, we will tell you the secret right now and that is incredible hard work and most importantly RESEARCH.

 As a member you will be receiving our manager Richard’s trading selections. Richard spends hours every day researching for potential trades. As a member you will benefit from all that research as every trade that he is doing will be up on the members board for you to trade to. You can just copy the trades and make money too!



But join the PRIORITY WAITING LIST so you can be the first to know when a space is available!

Submit your email above and we will send you one email and one email only when a space is free. We promise not to send you anything else!


Our Members Are Loving It!

I LOVE System A, Very different from most football systems I have come across and so easy to implement too.” Craig, Liverpool

“Signed up and made my subscription money for the next 3 months back already, I think I am on board for a while” – Bobby, London

if you are new to trading you will undoubtedly learn something, if you are an intermediate level trader looking for more profitability and knowledge you will learn something.” -More Money Review

OK, So what happens when I Join? What Do I get?

As soon as you sign up you will get your login details and you can login to the members area and access our Two Core Trading Systems, the Members Board for the Daily Trades, get our informative Newsletters delivered to your home page every two weeks, exclusive systems and trials too.

Remember, once the price to join the academy rises you will remain on your original price plan so the price YOU pay NEVER rises!

This current offer wont last long and will NEVER come back!


The FTA Platinum Membership Package:


Football  Trading Psychology Newsletter Course:

Being a member of the FTA is also an educational experience as our Football  Trading Psychology Newsletter Course will help develop and mentor you in to a better trader.

You will receive a new issue of the FTA Newsletter on Bi-weekly basis from when you sign up. These are packed full of professional trading advice and many ways that you can take your gambling to a more profitable and professional level. Subjects covered include

How to create your own strategies,

The secrets to becoming a professional sports trader,

How To Find market inefficiencies,

How To Understand the markets and how they relate to eachother

Beginners Tips and much more.

Every issue we also speak with someone who makes a full time wage from their gambling and we also hear about potential mistakes some traders have made that YOU can avoid!

This Newsletter course is worth signing up to on its own and is a great addition to your membership at the FTA at NO added cost.

As soon as you sign up you will get issues 1 & 2 delivered direct to your home page!!!



 The Systems: You will gain instant access our Two Core Trading Systems. This is known to members, simply, as System A & System B. These systems are incredibly easy to operate and beginners to Football Trading will have no problem learning them. These are the exact same systems that help Richard to profit from the markets on a regular basis and as a member you will instantly have two methods to add to your strategy portfolio.


Daily Selections: As mentioned earlier, Richard will put in hours of research a week in order to find matches that fit the specific criteria and qualify as trades. The selections will cover all the top leagues including the English Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga and every trade will be posted exclusively on the members board.

The action is on going all year around too. When the regular season ends there are many leagues which carry on during the Summer too and there will be plenty of opportunities to be had in those leagues too.  We enjoy finding winning trades in obscure leagues from Norway, Russia and Finland just as much as we do in the more well known competitions!

You can learn just from seeing the type of selections that we trade.

Overall: The whole experience of being an FTA member will be extremely beneficial. Members will get first refusal on new strategies and systems that will be EXCLUSIVE to the academy. We will also trial new systems ourselves and ensure that members will receive discounts on these too.

You also can’t forget about the sheer amount of knowledge you will gain just by being a member. Eventually you will develop the skills to go it alone, once you find your own edge and you wont be able to do this without a bit of help along the way!

This is the current offer, once these spaces are filled we will close the doors and operate a 1 out, 1 in policy for new sign ups. 



But join the PRIORITY WAITING LIST so you can be the first to know when a space is available!

Submit your email above and we will send you one email and one email only when a space is free. We promise not to send you anything else!




What if I am not Impressed? How Long Do I Have To Stay?


Payments are made on a monthly basis and you are free to cancel this service at anytime you want!

If you aren’t enjoying being a member or don’t have time for it anymore then we wont hold it against you and its really quick and simple to cancel.

Just remember that once a payment is made then the service is considered to have commenced and so can’t be refunded. This means that if you want to leave then please cancel well in advance of your next scheduled payment so you aren’t billed. When you want to cancel just send us an email and we will sort it out quickly.  This makes this whole thing very low risk for you when you consider the low monthly subscription cost!

You can view the full terms and conditions on the sign up page.


Is being a member hard work?

With most football matches taking place on Evenings and Weekends there is no need to take any time off work or change your usual schedule in order to get the most out of the FTA. We have some members that like to subscribe purely for the match selections, some are here for the newsletters and some like the whole package. You can enjoy as much or as little as you want and there are no obligations on your part.


So Who Is This Most Ideal For?

The Football Trading Academy is Ideal for you if:

    • You are a beginner to Sports Trading in general

  • You are not yet profiting regularly from Football Trading or Gambling

  • You would like to learn more about Football Trading and Gambling

  • You are keen to build a LONG TERM profit portfolio

The Football Trading Academy is NOT Ideal for you if:

    • You are already an Advanced Sports Trader making regular profits

  • You are looking for a Get Rich Quick Scheme

  • You cant speak or understand English

  • You are lazy!

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